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Max Living Apartment
Economical/ Simple/ Squarish/ Quality Structures
Pakkred, Nonthaburi, Thailand

This apartment is located in Pakkred district, Nonthaburi. The plot where these 43 rooms
and 7 retail shops are is extremely long and narrow shape. The building is in an architecturally very different neighborhood but supports the project. Including to all these conditions, narrow plot, budget construction, and many living spaces, the building, therefore, was designed under a concept of low cost but high benefits.  In part of functions are completely full on the site, the façade is notable for regular urban-style on the street, more irregularly shaped building to the rear.
The key decision consisted of concentrating all the available spaces into the apartments themselves, by make the solid-faced continuous lines connect to the solid walls, and each floors to create a back and forth folding figure on the end of the building. It characterized by the concept.

The client requested a typical multi–storied building with a floor area of 1,800 square meters with the maximum space, and interior space can be reorganized to future flexible needs.

This design is a development composed of so called ‘Max Living’ apartment, which are economical, simple, squarish, quality structures which often have projecting canopies to catch the attention of passers-by.


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