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The house is designed to mix two situations, we don’t think they are opposite sides but they can share each other in different ways.

The concept of the house brought about the old and new situations of family members who will live at this house. The ‘old’ situation is parents and the ‘new’ means a just married couple. They will share on the spaces of the new house. The house is interpreted and called ‘SHARE HOUSE’.

The site of the share house is enclosed with a large orchid garden, and also has many big existing trees on the site. The beautiful surroundings is drawn to share as many parts of the house because it is one of the key points as well as the owner expected to be. Effectively, the house is shaped the lay-out plan can get panoramic view. Overall image, the house is composed of two main volumes of spaces, one is provided for living, and the other one is for working and private space for a new couple but they are connected with flow circulations.


One of the significant circulations is a bridge which is between two main spaces, it plays a role as connection both functional and visual perception of interior and exterior spaces. We provided spaces in which relate to the featured environment, they are comfortable and relaxed spaces for leisure activities and also a meeting space for family members.

The other important element which we strongly regard, on the other word called architectural language; it is communications of construction materials. We specified material following the concept of old and new, wood and concrete became the main materials. They are in different elements such as in term of the old feeling, wooden façade and wooden floor in the house, are presented. While concrete is represented in a big high plane is an approach of the house for example.  The house is designed to mix two situations, we don’t think they are opposite sides but they can share each other in different ways.


About THstudio Architects

Supachai Chaijan and Duangnapa Sinlapasai: Architects The studio works on difference of projects such as experimental design in architectural competitions, houses, housing projects, public buildings and established the studio role in professional ways both in creative design and conceptual research.

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