RKH OFFICE BUILDING: Ramkhamhaeng, Bangkok



This connection is strengthened by the verticality of the white perforate,
shaped sculptures that draw the view upward and visibly connect the levels.


RKH OFFICE BUILDING is a building that is simple in shape and structure but varied in appearance.  The starting point for the design is an appropriate space to show lively working atmosphere off to their best advantage. For a ground plan yielding a maximum number of well-lit green space and, on the other, for an overall shape that is both striking and different in impact from all directions.

Ramkhamhaeng-Office-Building-1 Ramkhamhaeng-Office-Building-Facde-2


The 1,200 square meters premises located in Ramkhamhaeng district, Bangkok has become a focus of attention, an advertisement and the representative image of the advertising company. The scheme is integrated with office and warehouse spaces by see-through of the wall elements, thus creating a movement of spaces. The premise function as a display presenting the work that goes on inside them.

THstudio Architects used transparent and reflective materials such as glass and steel structure for effective design and management. Most of the elements come with white color. The design is developed through a starting interplay of light, texture and white color that attract the attention of potential users.

The West entry façade fully displays the building’s aesthetic rigor and protect sunshine. The penetrated planes of façade randomly infiltrate in various patterns, articulating and subdividing the volume of the buildings into what might be called sliding ‘vertically penetrated surfaces’. The sliding facade has been designed to control solar radiation and to obtain a totally open and glazed office space.

The vertical insets in this frame break the severe abstraction of the continuous volume, giving a design referring to the activity and the identity of the company that base its head offices there. The unique of the perforate façade causes changes to the building’s appearance that vary according to the levels of sunlight during the day and across the seasons.

These façade is like garments over a human body. There is a place of communication between the individual functions of the building. This connection is strengthened by the verticality of the white perforate, shaped sculptures that draw the view upward and visibly connect the levels.

Come along with the façade is a roof of the main terrace put at the main entrance. The roof’s planes are designed to be an approach of the project. Therefore, it became as the ‘zigzag planes’ to attract people and remember.





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